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All of Reno Swim's classes have twenty minutes of instruction time with five minutes before and after class for independent practice time.  Classes are held twice per week, with the exception of Saturday classes.  We offer classes for children of all ages, starting at 3 months.  Beginners to advanced students benefit from Reno Swim's expert instruction.
Early Swimmers Program (3 months- 3 years)
Our goal is to have all students, who start by 18 months, swimming independently by the age of 4 years.  Our Parent n' Tot classes have a student to teacher ratio of 6:1.  The program's curriculum is designed to teach four main skills: Proper water safety, Understanding of buoyancy, Breath control and Independent movement.  We use games, songs and productive play to help build each of our student's confidence and abilities. 8 lesson package: $96 ($12/class)
*Please view our Early Swimmers page for more information and class times.

Semi-Private Class (3 years+)
Reno Swim's semi-private class has a student to teacher ratio of 2:1.  All students are taught to their individual ability, which makes this a great class for friends or siblings who are swimming at different levels.  This class is perfect for beginning swimmers who are fearful or just new to swimming.  Advanced swimmers, working on stroke technique, will also benefit from semi-private classes.  8 lesson package: $120 ($15/class)

Private Class (4 years+)
Our twenty minute private class is designed for children 4 years and older.  The student to teacher ratio is 1:1, making it the ideal class for extremely fearful students or students with special needs.  8 lesson package: $200 ($25/class)
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